Online Marketing Connecticut

online marketing connecticutIn the current market, all businesses need a website. If you’re looking for a new website, one option is to hire a web design company. Another option is to approach a freelance web designer. Or, you could approach an online marketing company.

The name is a little confusing perhaps and many people might think that a company of this type doesn’t offer the design and build services needed for a new website. In fact, the vast majority of online marketing companies (like M4DH included) are what people in the industry call full service agencies. This simply means that they are able to manage the entirety of a web strategy from design and development to the ongoing marketing and management of the brand online.

The benefits of having your entire new site and new strategy built and managed by one online marketing company rather than a series of companies and individuals include the fact that you’re likely to save a bit of cash. In the online marketing company, there is scope for flexibility so that if the design time takes longer than anticipated, there is potential to take some budget from build time, with everything balancing out over the length of the project. Individual design companies don’t allow for this luxury.

Online Marketing Connecticut

The other benefit is that any potential conflict of interest is lost when designers, developers and marketers work alongside each other. When businesses use individuals or separate companies for the various aspects of their web presence, they tend to find that a designer undoes the work of a marketer or vice versa. In an online marketing company, the whole team works together and has a sound understanding of each other’s’ disciplines, meaning that they can produce a solution which works well from a design, functionality and search engine performance point of view.

Get in touch with us as your Connecticut online marketing company and you’ll find that we offer a long term partnership rather than the simple construction of a website.

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